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Currently in the NanoScience Laboratory


Professor Paul Mulvaney FAA FRACI FRSC

Paul Mulvaney is the Director of the new ARC Centre of Excellence in Excition Science and Professor of Chemistry in the School of Chemistry and Bio21 Institute at the University of Melbourne.

He was a recent ARC Laureate Fellow  from 2011-2015 and an ARC Federation Fellow from 2006-2010. He served as Chair of the Australian Academy of Science National Committee for Chemistry from 2014-2016.

Paul received his PhD degree at the University of Melbourne in 1989, working on electron transfer kinetics with Professor Franz Grieser. His other mentors have been Dr. Dani Meisel from the Argonne National Laboratories (1986-1988) and Prof. Arnim Henglein at the Hahn-Meitner Institute (1989-1992).

The ARC Centre for Exciton Science  (2017-2023) has as its vision “Next-Generation Light Harvesting Molecules for a Sustainable Energy Future”. The goal of this research is to create a team that can discover and develop new ways to harness sunlight for energy storage; develop more energy efficient devices for light generation such as LEDs; and also look at optical sensors for security and environmental applications.


Dr Calum Kinnear – ARC CoE Research Fellow

Dr James Hutchinson – ARC DECRA Fellow

Ms Sarah Mulvey – ACEX Chief Operating Officer

Ms Kathy Palmer – ACEX Finance Officer

Ms Johanna Monk – ACEX Administrative Officer


Cameron Ritchie (PhD)

Christian Bauth (PhD)

Gangchen Yuan (PhD)

Heyou Zhang (PhD)

Jessica Heubner (Masters)

Jianchao Ge (Masters)

Julian Sindram (PhD)

Marc Schaechtele (PhD)

Maria Ritter (PhD)

Susanne Seibt (PhD)