Farewell Bio21 Institute

After 12 years at Bio21 Institute, we are moving to the Chemistry Building on the main campus of the University of Melbourne.

Four removalist companies, 150 crates, and lots more boxes and equipment .  We expect that by the end of he week, everything will be moved to our new home in the top of the Chemistry Buildling.  It has been a lot of work packing everything up and now the work of unpacking and settling in begins. 

Here are some photos of our old lab being packed up.  Stay tuned for photos of the new lab once we are settled in:

bio21 lab move (2).jpg
bio21 lab move (3).jpg
bio21 lab move (4).jpg
bio21 lab move.jpg

New ARC Centre of Excellence Announced

The ARC has recently announced the results of the current applications for finding under the ARC Centres of Excellence program. From 2017, the Nanoscience Laboratory (www.nanoparticle.com) will be a part of the new ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science.

The new Centre brings together researchers from chemistry, physics, maths, and materials science to create new materials for advanced optical and energy applications, including next generation solar cells, LEDs, sensors and responsive optical materials. The Centre has nodes at University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Monash University, UNSW and the University of Sydney. Partners include the Reserve Bank of Australia, CSIRO, and Defence Science Technology Group (DSTG). The Director of the new Centre is Professor Paul Mulvaney at the University of Melbourne.

For information on the new Centre and its activities please visit: www.excitonscience.com.