Paul Mulvaney is the Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science and Professor of Chemistry in the School of Chemistry and Bio21 Institute at the University of Melbourne.

He was a recent ARC Laureate Fellowfrom 2011-2015 and an ARC Federation Fellow from 2006-2010. He served as Chair of the Australian Academy of Science National Committee for Chemistry from 2014-2016.

Paul received his PhD degree at the University of Melbourne in 1989, working on electron transfer kinetics with Professor Franz Grieser. His other mentors have been Dr. Dani Meisel from the Argonne National Laboratories (1986-1988) and Prof. Arnim Henglein at the Hahn-Meitner Institute (1989-1992).

The ARC Centre for Exciton Science (2017-2023) has as its vision “Next-Generation Light Harvesting Molecules for a Sustainable Energy Future”. The goal of this research is to create a team that can discover and develop new ways to harness sunlight for energy storage; develop more energy efficient devices for light generation such as LEDs; and also look at optical sensors for security and environmental applications.




Dr James A. Hutchison

Graduated: PhD, University of Melbourne
Research interests: Plasmonics, Organic Polaritonics, SERS (bio)sensing, Energy and electron transfer


Dr Pegah Maasoumi
ARC Research Fellow in Flexible Electronics

Graduated: PhD Centre of Organic Photonics and Electronics (COPE), the University of Queensland
Research interests: Organic electronic devices : Light Emitting  Diodes, Light Emitting Transistors , Photovoltaics
Other interests: TED Talks, Traveling, Rock Climbing,  Hiking

Eser Akinoglu.jpg

Dr Eser Akinoglu
Humboldt Fellow

Graduated: PhD Physics, Freie Universität Berlin (2016)
Research interests: Nanofabrication, Plasmonic Systems and Nanoelectrochemistry, plasmon assisted Photoelectrochemistry.

Ms Johanna Monk
ACEX Administrative Officer




Arun Ashokan (PhD)

Graduated: BS-MS, IISER- Thiruvananthapuram, India
Research interests: Quantum dots, Inorganic synthesis
Other interests: Walking, Soccer, Cricket


Ben Tadgell (PhD)

Graduated: MSc, University of Melbourne
Research Interests: Ultra-fast Spectroscopy, Colloidal Systems, Chemical Sensors
Other Interests: Hiking, Surfing, Hockey


Cameron Ritchie (PhD)

Graduated: MSc, University of Melbourne
Research Interests: Green energy, nanoparticles, deposition, theoretical modelling
Thesis Title: Aqueous, ligand-free synthesis and deposition of Cu2ZnSnS4 and Cu2ZnSnSe4 nanocrystals for low temperature selenized Cu2ZnSnSxSe(4-x) thin film PV devices
Other interests: Middle-distance running, DIY projects from building lab equipment to cosplay, strategy & fantasy books/games/shows


 Christian Blauth (PhD)

Graduated: MSc Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Research interests: The incorporation of Quantum Dots into optoelectronic devices.   


Claire Dawson (Masters)

Graduated: BSc, The University of Melbourne
Research Interests: Plasmonics, metallic nanowires, surface-enhanced photochemistry
Other Interests: Reading, sketching, music


Dingchen Wen (Honours)

Graduated: BSc, The University of Melbourne
Research interests: Nanoparticles, material science
Thesis topic: Magneto-optics of nanorods in thin films
Other interests: Badminton, Video games, Music


Gangchen Yuan (PhD)

Graduated: BSc, MSc, Peking University, China
Research interests:  spectroscopy, quantum dots
Thesis title:  Blinking of quantum dots


Hanbo Yang (Masters)

Graduated: Bsc, The University of Melbourne
Research interests: modelling solar cells, Monte-Carlo Ray Tracing Simulation, material and inorganic chemistry
Other interests: Violin, chocolates, dog-patting


Heyou Zhang (PhD)

Graduated: BSc Wuhan University, China, MSc The University of Melbourne.
Research interests: Electrophoretic Deposition, Nanoparticle Fabrication, Single Nanoparticle Spectroscopy, Dark Field Microscopy, Nanoparticle catalysis.
Thesis topic: Electrophoretic deposition of nanocrystal array and its application.
Other interests: Gym, Cocktail, Walking, Music.

Jianchao Ge (Masters)    

Graduated: BSc, University of Queensland
Research interests: nanoparticles, quantum dots, electrospectrochemistry
Other interests: Go (Game/Weiqi), Badminton


Weijie Geng (Masters)

Graduated: MSc, Beijing Normal University
Research interests: nanoparticle fabrication, nanoparticle self-assembly, ion exchange technology
Personal interests: Piano, swimming, music, reading


Weijie Nie (PhD)

Graduated from: MSc, Shandong University, China
Research interests: Waveguide devices, Nanomaterials, Waveguide lasers, Nonlinear optics
Other interests: Travelling, Music and Calligraphy




Xuying Li (Masters) 

Graduated: BSc, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Research interests: Solar cells, new energy, material and inorganic chemistry
Personal interests: Anime, playing badminton, traveling, mobile games


Yue Dong (PhD)

Graduated: BSc Wuhan University, China
Research interests: Natural polymer physics, Polymer Materials, Lithium-ion Battery, Microfluidics
Thesis topic: Formation of Cellulose Based Materials and Its Application in Energy Field
Other interests: Hand-made,Walking, Music.